September 18, 2019
"Wherever you go, there you are."  

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Hi ladies!
Lady dübbers united!


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Vintage Productions is the vision of three young women looking for a hot place to groove in the ATL. After nights of rolling down Buford and doing the same ol thing in Buckhead, we decided that it was time to bring Atlanta what they were missing - events and parties where Asian Americans and others who wanna kick it with Asian people can go to chill, meet others, and of course PARTY. With the backing of Climax Entertainment, the granddaddy of all Asian American entertainment companies in California, the vision is now becoming reality.

The mission of Vintage Productions is to organize and promote unique and diverse events for the 21 and up Asian-American. What sets Vintage apart from the rest? We got love for the Asian American community and will not hesitate to get involved in supporting the community! And we never let studying or work get in the way of our partying. Our goal is to spread our love for pure FUN and provide an outlet for those of you out there who know exactly what we are talking about. So, whether you're looking to chill, groove, meet others just like you, or just plain party and get drunk- Get ready because we're gonna give it to ya good!